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    • Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the recovery coaching field.
    • Anyone with real lived experience wanting to support others.
    • Anyone in the drug services with a desire to learn new pathways to supporting recovery.
    • Recovery Coaching is an innovative new approach to healing people's lives that is unlike any other training, utilising a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content. 
    Celebrate Recovery

    I just completed 2 different courses with Recovery Coach Academy and I can't recommend them highly enough.


    The facilitators were brilliant, the content was thought provoking and the resources second to none.


    If you're looking for a supportive and inclusive recovery coaching organisation - look no further!


    Sarah Williamson

    I am in the recovery field and I learned so much. The material covered was helpful, but what made it so effective, valuable, inspiring and interesting were the facilitatorsTheir passion, humor, knowledge and experience kept me interested and inspired me to take more of their trainings - I am now going to take the Spirituality and also the Ethics trainings. Thank you Calliese and Naetha for sharing your positivity and wisdom!

    Eric Holmgren

    I’ve just spent a wonderful and very educational five days with the Recovery Coaching Academy.


    Naetha and Calliese facilitated this learning journey superbly and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


    If you’re thinking about recovery coaching, then you’ve come to the right place.


    Jo Howarth

    This course is for you if…

    • You want to make a positive impact on Recovery 

    • Your work brings you in contact with people who struggle with addiction

    • You acknowledge the need for change in the Recovery Community

    • You are someone who has been impacted by substance abuse

    • You want to learn new ways and paths to support all stages of recovery

    • You want to be more than a sponsor

    • You want to start implementing changes but are unsure where to start

    ​​We will help you;

    • Have a clear path to support people accomplish long-term recovery

    • Feel confident and secure on your recovery coaching journey

    • By providing ALL our resources  to ensure you succeed 

    • Impact the Recovery Movement for lasting results

    • And most importantly, we will provide you with a community of support to ensure you succeed!

    The content of the course is refreshing and innovative for anyone who needs options, and the passion they bring to the work is undeniably 'catching'. Their commitment to introducing Recovery Coaching to the UK is so needed.

    I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into the field of recovery to sign up for this course.


    Clare Keany

    Recovery Coach Academy is the leading light for change. Naetha & Calliese are true ambassadors for the UK. They both have a true passion from the heart which embraces their dedication and future direction.


    They have changed the direction of my life path and given me so much both personally and professionally.

    Eric Holmgren

    The quality of the training is second to none. I have come away with new ways of thinking about peoples pathways to recovery and how to support them on those even when it is not the one I am on myself.

    The trainers are superb, they get the balance right of all that makes training engaging, interesting and hungry for more. Thank you Naetha and Calliese

    Sandra Losty

    Why learn with us?

    We are a mother and daughter team who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and credible Lived Experience.  We hope to educate, inspire and motivate you, so you can make a positive impact in the Recovery community.  We have seen and felt the positive impact of Recovery Coaching in the US and we want to share this in the UK and wider a field! (There is nothing wrong with dreaming big!)​

    We have been so fortunate to go through adversity and come out the other side, while being exposed to the magic of recovery coaching and recovery communities outside of the UK.  As individuals we bring different perspectives and different life and work experiences.

    Recovery Coach Basics Course with Naetha & Calliese

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